Jake Spurlock:

Excited about this Hardware Innovation Workshop this next week. What a great prelude to Maker Faire.

Originally posted on Make::

I’m excited about MAKE’s Hardware Innovation Workshop, May 15-16, at PARC in Palo Alto. The workshop is an opportunity to explore what’s shaping the newly emerging businesses that makers are creating.  Come meet the people who are leading this new wave of hardware innovation and contribute to the discussion about new opportunities in making. You’ll be able to get a “big picture”  understanding of how new technology and new communities are changing product development, collaborative design, and manufacturing.

The makers themselves are part of an open R&D lab that any company can benefit from, if they know how to engage them.  Increasingly, businesses and investors are beginning to pay attention.

Here are some of the headlines:

  • Open source hardware and software are providing standardized components on which to build new applications.
  • New fabrication tools are creating a rapid-prototyping revolution that makes iteration cheaper, faster, and easier.
  • Collaborative design practices…

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