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Awesome story from buddy MAKE buddy about losing/finding his laptop in Detroit at Maker Faire.

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This is a true story. The names have been changed because, well, a guy ended up getting charged with a felony, something he’s probably not thrilled about. Call me cautious.

Have you ever had something stolen? Your heart sinks, your mind races, and you become increasingly paranoid about the vulnerability of your personal property. I know because this is a picture of my coworker’s (let’s call him Steve) rental car, a Chevy Impala, after lunch at Slow’s Bar-B-Q in Detroit (amazing food, don’t park on a side street), the Monday after Maker Faire Detriot. There was nothing significant in the front of the car to entice thieves to break in, but we both had computers in backpacks in the trunk. One quick jab from a screwdriver unlocked the car, allowing the thief to pop the trunk and liberate the bags.

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Great gist of Maker Faire by Gar.

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Another Faire has come and gone, leaving thousands of people hyper-inspired and super tired. I no longer have a voice, but I’m sure it’ll be arriving any moment now at my front door, like a piece of hand-delivered lost luggage.

I’ve been to every Maker Faire Bay Area from the second one (and both World Maker Faires in NY). Every Faire seems “special,” but this year’s was special in some unique ways to me. I could feel something stirring, amongst the 3D-printed tchotchke and ‘Duino blinky-things. The maker movement keeps growing, expanding into new corners of society, and in many ways, this year felt like a true rite of passage, a Débutante ball or Bar Mitzvah for makers. Here are some of my notes and takeaways from the weekend, with emphasis on those areas of expansion:

* From makers of things to makers of tools and hardware for making things

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Excited about this Hardware Innovation Workshop this next week. What a great prelude to Maker Faire.

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I’m excited about MAKE’s Hardware Innovation Workshop, May 15-16, at PARC in Palo Alto. The workshop is an opportunity to explore what’s shaping the newly emerging businesses that makers are creating.  Come meet the people who are leading this new wave of hardware innovation and contribute to the discussion about new opportunities in making. You’ll be able to get a “big picture”  understanding of how new technology and new communities are changing product development, collaborative design, and manufacturing.

The makers themselves are part of an open R&D lab that any company can benefit from, if they know how to engage them.  Increasingly, businesses and investors are beginning to pay attention.

Here are some of the headlines:

  • Open source hardware and software are providing standardized components on which to build new applications.
  • New fabrication tools are creating a rapid-prototyping revolution that makes iteration cheaper, faster, and easier.
  • Collaborative design practices…

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Jake Spurlock:

What an awesome opportunity. I would have loved to do something like this when I was in school…

Originally posted on WordPress.com VIP:

Update: Please submit your links by EOD on April 23, 2012. Note that your submission will remain private, but we are receiving them.

Our company Automattic — which runs WordPress.com, Akismet, VaultPress, and many other services — is looking for a few stellar summer student interns, specifically to work with us on the VIP team. The internship runs from June 1st through August 31st of 2012, but we are flexible on the dates.

As a paid intern, you’ll be working on a range of projects depending on your skills & passions — everything from writing case studies to doing development work on plugins that improve WordPress functionality for large media companies.

Where will you be working you may ask ? Anywhere ! We are a distributed company and are happy if you work from wherever you are — including your parent’s summer beach house — as long as…

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Some photos from the Open: MAKE program at the Exploratoreum last Saturday.

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[Click on the headline above to see the entire photo gallery]

I had the great pleasure this last Saturday of attending the Young Makers program at the Exploratorium. The theme of the month was Time… and what a great time we had. You can watch a webcast of the Meet the Makers portion of the day here.

Here Are Some Highlights:

  1. David Forbes – Nixie Watch

    “The perfect way to show your retro-geek cred”/Atomic Nixie Clock /Oscilloscope Clocks (plus he’ll show his video coat-turned-video-vest – things went a little haywire at Burning Man)

  2. Nicole Catrett

    One of my favorite activities was the Stroboscope that has found a permanent home on the floor of the Exploratorium. If you have wanted your own, you can find the details in MAKE magazine Volume 24

  3. Messing about with Numeric Displays

    A table was set up with all the pins of a giant seven…

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What is Creative?

I was looking through the thesaurus on my computer for creative words and stumbled on this:

Everyone likes to think that he or she is creative, which is used to describe the active, exploratory minds possessed by artists, writers, and inventors (: a creative approach to problem-solving). Today, however, creative has become an advertising buzzword (: creative cooking,: creative hair-styling) that simply means new or different. Original is more specific and limited in scope. Someone who is original comes up with things that no one else has thought of (: an original approach to constructing a doghouse), or thinks in an independent and creative way (: a highly original filmmaker). Imaginative implies having an active and creative imagination, which often means that the person visualizes things quite differently than the way they appear in the real world (: imaginative illustrations for a children’s book). The practical side of imaginative is inventive; the inventive person figures out how to make things work (: an inventive solution to the problem of getting a wheelchair into a van). But where an inventive mind tends to comes up with solutions to problems it has posed for itself, a resourceful mind deals successfully with externally imposed problems or limitations (: A resourceful child can amuse herself with simple wooden blocks). Someone who is ingenious is both inventive and resourceful, with a dose of cleverness thrown in (: the ingenious idea of using recycled plastic to create a warm, fleecelike fabric).

Thought that was interesting…